Better Maintenance for Larger Commercial Spaces

The ideal robot cleaner for large commercial floors like malls, sports arenas, hotels, hospitals, airports, transport hubs, religious spaces and more. 

ARI can maintain larger, more complex areas than manual cleaning machines with similar features, covering up to 6000m² per charge cycle, or around 24.000m² per day.

Our battery optimization and recycling system uses much less energy and fewer natural sources than any comparable machine on the market.

Modularity and Automation:
Lower costs and greater efficiency

Arı can help you modernize and optimize your facility maintenance process

cost effıcıency

ARI’s patented modular system allows you to adopt your robot to your exact needs. Purchase only the modules your business requires, and expand your capabilities when the need arises!    

flexıble prıcıng

Purchase your robot outright, or use our flexible Robot-as-a-Service plans. Our team will work with you to find the most appropriate pricing and support structure for your business needs.


ARI robots perform on average 10x more efficiently than people. Your existing staff can be deployed to more value-added jobs, using their experience for precise, detailed and attentive maintenance services.

safety & ECOLOGY

Fewer chemical and greater efficiency mean ARI’s cleaning system is healthier for your staff and the environment.
Our patented self-maintenance system ensures your robot is always performing at peak levels. 

Lower cost and more dependable maintenance with state-of-art modules and cradle

Our modular approach is designed to maximize our clients’ resources and increase safety, efficiency and quality – a robotic system that can be adapted to every environment and every user’s needs.

With ARI, you no longer need to depend on expensive, single purpose robots – one robot is all you need!