Floor cleaning and disinfection – all in one robot

ARI provides two options for disinfection: UVC or Chemical

Our UVC disinfection module is equipped with 254nm LED lamps that can be used during all floor maintenance processes, or as a stand-alone unit. This module can be mounted very easily without tools. 

The chemical disinfection is either done by a top-mounted ULV fogger unit or with HOCl which is directly sprayed onto floors. The ULV fogger has a 10lt chemical tank and the effective areas can be pre-scheduled on map. On demand HOCl preparation is done in Petek Cradle, which is added to clean tank.

Because the ARI floor care robot operates autonomously, disinfection services using harsh chemicals or UV light can be scheduled and carried out during night-time hours, ensuring no risk to the health or safety of your staff, patrons, or other people in the environment.