Full autonomy and secure operations


ARI uses state-of-the-art lidar and stereo 3D sensors to ensure consistent, reliable navigation and movement throughout the built environment. ARI is completely autonomous and self-propelled.

Autonomy and Mapping

At the initial setup stage, ARI sets out to map the entire floor area. During the initial mapping, a staff member can watch in real-time, and direct or define any parameters you wish. This map stays in memory and can be modified at any time for routing, rescheduling, or additional cleaning functions. ARI can store multiple maps, which can be recalled for different tasks. Users can easily mark no-go lines, area limitations or custom operations, or monitor remaining time required and approximate consumption levels. 

ARI’s customization allows you to have real-time control over all floor maintenance operations, guaranteeing more effective and efficient operations and cost savings. With a reliable and steady stream of data, ARI can easily generate reports for anybody in the facility management chain.