Meet ARI – a singularly efficient, fully autonomous robot for commercial floor maintenance.

Let ARI take over the tedious and lengthy floor cleaning process, and re-assign your staff to high-touch, high-value cleaning jobs.

ARI is ideal for all large environments: Airports & Transport Hubs, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Libraries, Convention Centers, Sports Arenas, Religious Spaces, Office Buildings, Municipal Buildings, Warehouses & Factories, Hospitals, and Schools, among others.

Robot Dimensions & Components:
Basic 800x600x600mm (lxwxh)
W/twin disc module mounted: 900x780xx600mm
W/UVC module mounted: 800x600x1800mm

Tank capacities:
Dry Tank: 60lt
Gray (dirty) Tank: 67lt
Fresh (clean water) Tank: 60lt
ULV Chemical Tank: 10lt

Cradle 790x770x250mm folded
      790x770x560mm in service

Brush sizes:
Roller (cylindrical brush) 450mm Ø100mm
Twin disc brushes 330mm each

Capacity & Work cycle:
Battery life: 3 hours/charge
Charge cycle: 3 hours
Total: 4 cycles/24 hours
(8 cycles w/ additional swappable battery)

Coverage/cycle: 6000 m2
Coverage/ 24 hours: 24,000 m2

Maximum speed: 1.2m/sec